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23 de septiembre de 2011


Ya tenemos las declaraciones del Ferrari, Toro Rosso y HRT sobre el trabajo en pista en el día de hoy.Desde las sensaciones de Fernando Alonso y Felipe Massa, confirmando el optimismo que hay en Ferrari sobre como puede ir el Gp, hasta lo que esperan tanto Toro Rosso como HRT. Jaime espera mejorar pues no termina de sentirse cómodo con el coche, por lo que espera que mañana la cosa mejore, con una pista menos sucia (pues confirman que estaba más sucia que el viernes del año pasado).Perdieron algo de tiempo hoy debido al accidente de Buemi y al chequeo que tuvieron que hacer al coche de Jaime por golpear demasiado fuertemente los pianos.En el caso de HRT, lo normal es que mejore mañana Ricciardo, ya que en estos circuitos, cuanto más tiempo se está en pista, más se mejora el resultado, mientras que en el caso de Liuzzi, con la penalización de por medio que tiene, se centrará casi exclusivamente en la carrera, priorizánola logicamente sobre la Calificación.En todo caso, según Kolles, hoy no probaron ligeros de gasolina, con lo que posiblemente mañana mejorarán.Si esto es o no suficiente para atrapar a uno de los Lotus se verá mañana.Mientras, os dejo las declaraciones de equipos y pilotos:

Fernando Alonso - 2nd: "The first session was interrupted so often that, along with the shortened time, it meant we could not do as many laps as we would have liked. So we tried to make the very most of the ninety minutes available in this evening's session and at least, this time, everything went smoothly. Overall, I am pleased with what we were able to see today. Here, like Monaco, it's very important for a driver to be able to lap enough to find the ideal reference points to be able to push to the limit, but not one centimetre over it, because every mistake is very costly. Racing at night is always a special feeling: it usually takes a little bit of time to adapt, but then, from tomorrow onwards, you can push to the maximum, trying to find the best performance. The car is behaving more or less as we expected and the feeling from this Friday is definitely better than in Monza and Spa, but we have to be realistic and not expect any great surprises: the Red Bulls are still favourites here and McLaren are also very strong. We will try and make the most of every possible opportunity."

Felipe Massa - 4th: "Heat was the main feature today and there was plenty of it in the cockpit! From what we could see, tyre degradation is reasonably high, but we know the track condition can change given it was very dirty today. It will also be important to choose the right level of cooling for the brakes and the engine: the race will be very long and tough, both for the drivers and the cars. I think we are in better shape than at the last two races and, who knows maybe we can fight with the McLarens, but we must wait and see what happens tomorrow. The performance difference between the Soft and Supersoft today seemed very high, especially for us, but that's not to say it will be the same on Saturday: the track will rubber in and the situation could change. Here you have to pay great attention to your driving: today I kissed the barrier, fortunately without any consequences!"

Pat Fry: "As usual on Friday, we had a busy programme to get through: unfortunately, partly because of the unexpected and sudden reduction of the length of the first session and also due to a few small blips that slowed our work, we did not manage to get through everything we wanted to. We have a few new components on the car: some produced the results we expected, but others still need some work. Taking into account the usual considerations when it comes to evaluating Friday's times, it seems that we are back to being closer to the situation we had seen prior to the summer break. Not that we needed to be told, but we saw today just how hard this track can be on the cars: just as at Monaco, the slightest slip comes at a high price. Therefore, one has to be very careful not to go over the limit. One very important factor will be tyre behaviour: in the race it will be crucial to find the best moment to make the pit stops."

Jaime Alguersuari - 11th: "I am very happy to be back in Singapore again, as I enjoy the track and the special atmosphere, driving in the night time. As usual on the first day, the grip level from the track surface is very low and in general, I was not so happy with the car and I never felt that comfortable with it today. Because we did not run for the full amount of time, we still do not have a clear picture of the Soft tyre's behaviour on a long run and we have yet to see how much degradation will be a factor. I think the track was dirtier today than this time last year, which did not help, although the surface feels less bumpy, especially going into Turn 7 and apart from that the only change is the one they made to the kerbs this morning. We still have one more session to improve the car prior to qualifying, which will be a more important session than at other races this season, because overtaking on a street circuit is always so difficult. In the morning, I did not hit any walls, but I rode the kerbs very aggressively and the team called me in before the end of the session, to check over the car as a precaution."

Sebastien Buemi - 19th: "The morning session was delayed as they modified the kerbs at some points on the circuit and so, at first we had to adapt to the new lines that were made possible because of the removal of the kerbs. We managed a good number of laps in the first practice, which meant we were able to get a first impression of how the Soft tyres perform. Degradation seemed quite high, but this is normal here on the Friday. In the second session, I did two more runs on the harder tyres, but when I switched to the Supersoft, I was doing a hot lap when I made a small mistake exiting the last chicane and I touched the wall. My session therefore ended early, but I hope we will recover for Qualifying tomorrow. The car is not bad here and, as we saw in Monza, even if things do not go too well on Friday, we can still have a good race."

Laurent Mekies - Chief Engineer: "A short day for us, partly because the morning session was delayed for everyone, then this afternoon, both cars stopped running before the end of the session: in Sebastien’s case he hit the wall, removing the right front corner of the car, while with Jaime, our data showed us that he had hit a couple of kerbs very hard and, as a precaution, we brought him in early to check over the car. Because of this, we did not get much long run data and we will have to take this into account and modify our Saturday morning programme accordingly, to make up for the time we have lost. Apart from that, we had a few new elements that we were evaluating across the two cars and tonight we will study the data to put together the best combination for tomorrow."

Vitantonio Liuzzi - 24th: "I'm quite pleased with how the session went. We had to adjust a few things set-up wise; there was a bit of oversteering at the front end and we had to modify the balance a bit. We went into a bit of traffic every time we were on soft or supersoft tyres so we couldn't get achieve the best lap time but I'm positive ahead of the weekend. With the 5 place penalty, there's not much we can strive for tomorrow so we have to focus on Sunday's race."

Daniel Ricciardo - 23rd: "I knew beforehand that this Grand Prix would be a big challenge and it didn't let me down but it is really hot and the circuit doesn't create much air flow; it's like a sauna in there! I have really enjoyed it because the track is good: tight and challenging. You can't even blink. Today was positive but we are yet a little bit off our closest rivals. We need to try and close that gap for tomorrow's qualifying. Racing at night is not much different in terms of visibility, but it is really nice seeing the lights reflecting off the cars and the sparks flying. I'm enjoying my first taste of night racing".

Narain Karthikeyan: "It was fantastic to be back in the car today. I brushed off all the cobwebs after two and a half months without driving. It was a good session even though being a new track for me it was not ideal. But I'm very happy with how the testing went, especially since I was faster than Daniel until the end. On the last lap I had a really good split but encountered some traffic and couldn't finish the time. It's a shame that the session was cut short because we couldn't do many laps and, with the red flags, I couldn't really get into a rhythm. But I was pretty much on the pace and that is quite positive."

Colin Kolles, Team Principal: "Today has been a positive day for the team. All three drivers and the whole team in the garage have worked well and we have completed the programme we had scheduled for today. Although the first session was shortened and interrupted a couple of times by red flags, both Karthikeyan and Ricciardo made the most of their time out on track. After a long time without racing, Narain was solid and consistent and Daniel was getting used to the track and later on set some good times in the afternoon. Tonio was back in for the second session and completed the set programme of different configurations. In the afternoon we also ran some tests with supersoft tyres without doing a qualifying simulation, so I'm confident that we can improve on our times tomorrow when the track conditions will also get better."

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