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5 de julio de 2011


Hoy ha sido un día de anuncios grandilocuentes, desde la esperada venta de Hispania (desde ayer, porque antes se ignoraba y ni siquiera se planteaba) a los no menos sorprendentes (aunque esperadas de alguna manera) anuncios de que Williams vuelve a Renault y Virgin se alia con McLaren (algo que se venía cociendo desde hace más o menos 1 mes).Ambis anuncios tienen en común la idea de fortalecer la posición de los respectivos equipos, en ua combinación que reune todos los ingredientes de ser exitosa (cada uno en función de lo que se puede esperar para un equipo de su tamaño)

En el caso de Virgin, es una colaboración técnica en la que pasa a disponer de la posibilidad de uso del tunel del viento de Mclaren así como de su simulador, el más avanzado de la F1 junto con el de Red Bull:

Marussia Virgin Concludes New McLaren Deal

Marussia Virgin has concluded a partnership deal with McLaren Applied Technologies and acquired the base of WRT, the company run by Nick Wirth.

The WRT deal had been in the pipeline for some months, discussions having started while Wirth was still part of the team.

Pat Symonds has been one of the key influences on the decisions, and he retains his role as consultant.

Virgin says the McLaren deal will see it benefit “from access to McLaren facilities, knowledge and capabilities, for example their test rigs and driver-in-the-loop simulator, supply chain experience and CFD and CAE techniques including race strategy tools.”

It adds that the deal “will also see McLaren management and production staff embedded within the team, working in roles permitted by the Concorde Agreement.”

The team says it still has faith in CFD but will also use the McLaren wind tunnel.

Regarding the WRT deal, the team says: “the Banbury premises will continue to be utilized by Marussia Virgin Racing for the next two years, during which time the team will progress its plans to develop a tailor-made new facility more suited to the team’s long-term tenure within the sport and allowing the team to come together under the same roof.”

Team CEO Andy Webb commented: “We can benefit enormously from McLaren’s far-reaching techniques and capabilities and I have no doubt that this Partnership will see us take the technical steps necessary to make a significant leap forwards.

“In addition, our acquisition of the WRT Formula One business ensures continuity of technical infrastructure for the period ahead, which means that the transition to working with our new technical partner can begin immediately and is not frustrated by logistical considerations. Our three-center operation has served us well in our formative years but our ambitions for the future will rely on the full might of the team coming together under one roof.”

Adam Cooper notched up his 26th season as a racing journalist in 2010. He has written about F1 for SPEED.com since 2005. Follow him on Twitter.

Y como no, el caso de Williams con Renault, que nos retrotrae a la epoca de cuando ganaban mundiales a mansalva:

Williams expects immediate progress when Renault deal starts in 2012

Williams chairman Adam Parr sees no reason why his team's new partnership with Renault cannot hit the ground running straightaway in 2012.

The Grove-based outfit announced on Monday that it was renewing its successful tie-up with French car manufacturer Renault from next year, in the latest of a string of major changes that are taking place at the team.
And although the results of its overhaul - which includes a new direction for its technical department – may take several years before it reaches its peak performance, Parr is upbeat about how quickly its switch to Renault engines will pay off.

"Why not?" said Parr when asked if he believed the tie-up with Renault could immediately deliver big progress in 2012. "The margins are so slim in F1. I see no reason why we cannot make the progress next year that we should have done this year. And it will not just be down to the engine, it will be down to everything."

Parr undertook a detailed evaluation of Williams's strengths and weaknesses on the back of the utfit's worst ever start to a Formula 1 season – and the end result included the departure of technical irector Sam Michael, who will leave at the end of the year, and the hiring of Mike Coughlan.With the team's Renault tie-up now delivering even more optimism for a future recovery, Parr said he felt the team as now in the shape it needed to move forward.

"I am very proud of what we have done in the last two or three months because we have obviously ad a very decisive review of the technical side and where we have been weak and where we need to go," he explained.

"The new people that we are bringing in are first class and we are very excited about that. Then secondly we announced the Jaguar partnership in May which is very significant for us as a company, and a bit of a positive for the team as well.

"Then today, it adds another substantial element to our foundations as a team and a company. If you add an IPO in March, it has been a busy six months really.

"I think we have got all the ingredients. I am very excited. And things are looking more positive. The on-track performance is not there, but it is better than it was and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We can see where we are going now and it looks quite exciting."

Williams-Renault announcementParr admitted that the decisions taken by the team over the past few months had not been easy, but said that he and other chiefs needed to stick their necks out if the team's situation was going to be sorted.

"When you are in a situation like this you have to be bold," he said. "There is no way that you can just plod along and do the same old stuff and it is going to sort itself out. It doesn't happen like that.
"Every decision we have made just made perfect sense. Referring to Mike [Coughlan], he is a joy to work with. He is totally motivated, he works seven days a week, he has tremendous experience, he has lost none of his flair and his understanding for what we do. And if other people don't see that, then great for us. Long may it live!"

Parr said that the return of Renault would also give the team no excuse to blame its engine for a lack of results on track – and said his outfit had tried to secure a manufacturer tie-up with current engine partner Cosworth.

"You never know in F1 where your weak points are, so if you can eliminate them, then so much the better," he said.

"This deal will make a number of fundamental differences. First of all it is a world championship winning engine, and we are in a world where a tenth matters. Secondly, it is a partnership between us and an independent engine maker as well as a car maker, and that is very important.

"We did explore that with Cosworth – could we bring a car maker into the partnership?

Unfortunately we were not able to do that. From that minute onwards, it is Cosworth who said that we cannot develop an engine for 2013, and I can understand that because it is a huge nvestment."The other thing is for our partners, and for our drivers, and for our colleagues. It sends out a message that we are going to get back, and it is a sign of great encouragement.Parr also played down talk that HRT team principal Colin Kolles was set to join his outfit, despite speculation suggesting the option is being considered.

"I don't know who started that rumour, but we have very much got the group we want now for the future. We were not far off the mark. It is just that we were not quite there."

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