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3 de mayo de 2011


¡A por Virgin!...eso es lo que declara Colin Kolles, que dice que están preparados para el siguiente paso:


Hispania are poised to take a big step forward in Turkey this weekend and can start threatening the teams immediately ahead, according to the Spanish squad's chief Colin Kolles.

After a fraught start that saw Tonio Liuzzi and Narain Karthikeyan fail to qualify their barely-finished cars in Autralia, Hispania have done a respectable job in recent races – easily making the 107 per cent qualifying cut and edging closer to Virgin.

Now Kolles believes his team are poised to start threatening the rest of the field for the first time since they joined Formula 1 - and can beat Virgin this weekend.

"I believe that the Turkish Grand Prix should see Hispania Racing take the next step," he declared.

"Istanbul Park is a track that, due to its nature, should be favourable for us, add to that the fact that we have aerodynamic and mechanical updates for this race and I think that, if the data is confirmed on track, we should be able to beat our closest rivals.

"Our aim for the weekend is to close the gap with respect to our closest competitors in qualifying and fight for positions in the race, hopefully getting both cars over the finish line.

"Hispania Racing has made significant progress since the start of the season, we are working very hard to improve and definitely will improve."

Liuzzi agreed with his team boss, saying that anyone who had previously doubted Hispania's F1 calibre would soon be eating their words.

"Our target for Turkey is to verify that our updates are working as per plan, closing the gap on the leader and obviously finishing the race ahead of our direct competitors," he said.

"If everything goes to plan, I think Hispania Racing can surprise a lot of people by closing the gap considerably with respect to other teams, thereby showing how serious our intentions of growing are."

Y por cierto, estrenan página:


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